Ecomar Propulsion reveal zero emission ORKA outboard

Posted: 19 July 2022

Ecomar Propulsion’s new powerful zero emission, electric ORKA outboard engine concept was revealed today at the Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo in Amsterdam.

Ecomar Propulsion’s new ORKA outboard range is 94% recyclable and is among the highest power outboards in the world – with a maximum of 200kW (approx. 220HP) in development. The ORKA is aimed squarely at commercial operators and incorporates a variety of innovations that make the transition to clean marine much easier and cheaper.

The ORKA is purely electric, its high torque and its modular design enables easy servicing and repair. It is uniquely suited to commercial marine operations, and the needs of aquaculture, port operations, ferries, and harbours.

The ORKA has been designed with easy operation, recyclability and clean and continuous operation at its core. Each outboard is made from distinct modules, all of which can be rapidly replaced by 2 people using only hand tools and minimal lifting equipment.

All the high voltage equipment is housed the powerhead, an IP68 sealed unit. The cowls are made from robust, impact resistant recycled material. ORKA engines all include integrated handholds and rapid release power connections. The transom mounts and tilt trim mechanisms are designed to fit into standard BIA templates saving refit time and costs. With a number of patented designs included, the whole engine has been designed to make installation and operation as efficient as possible.

There are multiple battery pack combinations available with energies ranging from 43kWh to 2MWh. Specific packs are available with lease options to reduce initial capital costs.

Eugene Bari, Managing Director, Ecomar Propulsion said, ‘Our outboard range is a major step in the move towards a sustainable marine environment. We aim to remove 10 millions of tonnes of CO2 in the next 10 years. With our focus on products specifically designed for the workboat market we hope to prove that the transition to clean marine is possible today.

Ecomar Propulsion is expanding into Denmark this year and has plans for more facilities in the EEA. Ecomar is clearly destined to challenge producers from America, China and Japan.

“We will initially be building the ORKA range in the UK and Denmark and production will begin in late 2023.” Continued Mr Bari. “We look at every aspect of production and are determined to drive towards locally produced, reliable and sustainable products wherever we can. The days of dirty gas engines are over. The big boys just don’t know it yet.”

Ecomar’s production strategy is to design and build in a series of strategically located facilities as they expand. This plan allows rapid reaction to customers’ demands and radically shortens supply chains. It will also provide polluting engine manufacturers with some real competition from the green technology sector.

ORKA products are designed to withstand the extreme conditions found in commercial maritime operations, and by working directly with vessel owners and distributors Ecomar Propulsion manufacture bespoke products that are reliable, robust and affordable. Simple, future proof design means that the risks for purchasers are reduced.

Each ORKA is designed to reuse, recycle, rerate meaning that any owner can change the performance characteristics without changing the entire engine.

Ecomar Propulsion are experts in marine engineering, and only work with zero emission propulsion systems. By accounting for every step of the process the transfer to clean propulsion can save time and money.

Ecomar Propulsion are seeking distributors for the ORKA range outside the UK and Ireland, with products available in Europe from 2023/4. They are at stand 1240 at the Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo.

Ecomar Propulsion reveal zero emission ORKA outboard
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