KAIROS Inboard

Ecomar Propulsion KAIROS inboard systems range from 80kW to 1MW.

Ecomar Propulsion inboards are aimed at efficiency and range extension.

KAIROS inboards are designed as part of an integrated system which includes batteries (and hydrogen if required).
Our inboards are exclusively fitted by shipbuilders and volume boat builders.
We have special product focused on the CTV and offshore windfarm support sectors.
Integrated design consultancy for coastal and inshore vessels.

We offer a range of batteries which are suited to specific use cases and can advise customers on the most appropriate choices.
Our hydrogen systems include fuel cells, tanks and pipework which respond to survey and duty cycle imperatives.

For customers wishing to enquire about inboards please contact Ecomar directly.

  • New build inboard
  • High torque
  • Lower RPM extending engine life
  • Maximises efficiency of large propellors
  • Low energy use
  • Efficient control management systems maximising battery life
  • Remote monitoring solutions
  • Choice of battery sizes and types from 43kWh to 1MWh
  • Optional hydrogen integration
  • Lease finance option available on specific battery packs

Shipping to distributors in 2024

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Our zero emission outboards are some of the most efficient and powerful electric green machines on the market.

Why Hydrogen
Why Hydrogen?

As a result of our groundbreaking work, we have created a simple series of questions to help our clients decide what is best for their vessels.

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Case Study

This vessels inboard engine conversion would save over 2000 tonnes of fuel and a minimum of 40 tonnes of GHGs per annum.

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