We have a simple target.

We want to remove 10 million tonnes of Green house gases within the next 10 years.

The marine industry produces 2.5% of the worlds emissions
including CO2, NOX, SOX and black carbon.Our mission is to eradicate this.

We have a simple target.

We are an experienced, dedicated, highly qualified team with a clear mission. We make products with long term value. After a centuries using hydrocarbon fuelled engines the world is ready for change.

Read HM Government Ten Point Plan for Green Industrial Revolution

Read The Department for Transports Clean Maritime Plan


High Performance development has already taken place with independently measured and verified results.

Our products are based around the most efficient motors and the latest technology that uses high energy density batteries and hydrogen fuel.

Case Study

This vessels inboard engine conversion would save over 2000 tonnes of fuel and a minimum of 40 tonnes of GHGs per annum.

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Pragmatic change
Pragmatic change

We know that performance and cost are a huge factor in fleet operators deciding to go green so we deliver products that will bring long term profitable operations as well as reducing carbon emissions.

The power of ethical decision making.

We only work with groups and companies who are makingpositive change and we will not work with companies andindividuals that promote exploitative projects andcompanies that refuse to pay a decent wage or groups thatpromote or condone any form of hatred.


All of our components are designed to be recycled from the very start, 95%+ recyclable powertrains.


Our propulsion systems deliver maximum output and our energy storage systems extend range by up to 50%.

Future proof systems

Each component can be easily upgraded as we create more efficient solutions.


ISO 9001:2015 Certified
Maritime UK Diversity Champion Finalists 2022

Professional Memberships

Society of Marine Industries
British Marine

Research Partners

University of Strathclyde
University of Exeter - Centre for Future Clean Mobility
University of Kent
Innovate Edge
OS Energy
Enterprise Singapore
Connected Catapults
Innovate UK
Department for Transport