ARKA Outboard

The ÅRKA outboard range will go into production in 2024.

With powerbands ranging from 80kW to 200kW the ÅRKA outboards are designed exclusively for commercial operation.

ÅRKA engines have a number of patented features and provide a unique, modular capability. ÅRKA outboards are designed to make replacement and repair incredibly efficient and cost effective.

    • Service intervals 500 hours or annual.
    • Modular construction enables exchange of powerheads or bottom sections within one hour using only hand tools.
    • 90% recyclability
    • Full environmental audit provided

    Incorporates practical features such as:

    • Flat top sides with fiddles for added useable space
    • Optional transom lighting
    • Remote monitoring

    We work with several major international ship owners, ship
    builders and operators. The company is solely focused on
    design and manufacture of products for commercial clients
    and welcomes approaches from distributors, volume boat
    builders and commercial operators or shipyards.


Our zero emission outboards are some of the most efficient and powerful electric green machines on the market.


All of our components are designed to be recycled from the very start, 95%+ recyclable powertrains.


Our propulsion systems deliver maximum output and our energy storage systems extend range by up to 50%.

Future proof systems

Each component can be easily upgraded as we create more efficient solutions.

Case Study

This vessels inboard engine conversion would save over 2000 tonnes of fuel and a minimum of 40 tonnes of GHGs per annum.

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