Quality Policy

Ecomar Propulsion Quality Policy

Ecomar Propulsion Ltd design, develop, manufacture, and integrate “Zero Emission” propulsion systems for marine applications.

Ecomar Propulsion Ltd and its employees are dedicated to providing products and service that meet, and where possible exceed the requirements and expectations of its Customers at all times, proactively seeking opportunities for improvement in service and product quality.

Ecomar Propulsion Ltd has a core objective to reduce all emissions and waste at every stage of development. The company integrates “whole of life carbon” evaluation in all product development and material choices and wherever possible removes or reduces to the minimum components which are non-recyclable or toxic.

The company encourages active design challenges from all members of staff and endeavors to constantly refine in order to reduce waste and increase endurance, range and reliability of all products. Each product must be designed to withstand corrosive and harsh environments and wherever possible be repairable with minimal tools whilst at sea.

To fulfil this policy, the Company has established a Quality Management System focused on customer requirements and expectations in accordance with the requirements defined in ISO 9001:2015. The Quality Management System defines the processes and procedures in place for the supply of all products and services provided by the Company, from purchasing through to delivery.

The Company is committed to the effective operation of the Quality Management System, to ensure its ongoing capability to meet the expectations of its Customers, and to achieve its aim of continual improvement in the products and services provided.

Key factors in the provision of Ecomar products and services are:
  • design of safe, reliable, and efficient systems
  • maintaining close relationships with customers ensuring prompt response to requirements
  • sustainable and environmental responsibility of component design and procurement
  • effective product procurement and supplier management

Achievement of satisfactory performance in these areas and continual improvement of the Quality Management System are supported by the establishment and review of quality objectives throughout the organisation. Objectives are set and reviewed at management review and at management meetings.

This policy is regularly reviewed at management review meetings where performance is monitored and necessary strategies for improvement are agreed.

The Managing Directors ensures that all personnel in the Company are fully aware of the company’s quality policy and their individual quality responsibilities, defined in the Quality Manual, processes and procedures.

Ecomar Propulsion are ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Eugene Bari
Managing Director

15th August 2023

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