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Posted: 6 November 2022

Best Marine Propulsion Systems Manufacturer 2022 at the SME News British Made Awards

With exemplary research, design, and manufacture, Ecomar Propulsion boasts high performance, innovative, and clean zero emission marine propulsion systems thanks to its electric and hybrid hydrogen motors. Ecomar Propulsion is leading the way in cleaning up the marine environment, aiming to reduce maritime GHGs by 10 million tonnes within the next ten years. Their ground-breaking propulsion systems are available for both inboard and outboard requirements.

As the world in the macro scale becomes increasingly better at prioritising the environment, Ecomar Propulsion is determined to ensure that the marine sector is not left behind. Fundamentally, with the reduction of emissions and safeguarding of the oceans always on its mind, it creates zero-emission propulsion systems that preserve the environment and work flawlessly; thanks to this combined goal, it has been able to create the most efficient, reliant and powerful outboard green machine on the market. Moreover, being created and manufactured in the UK, it is quick to reassure its clients that each of its products are rigorously tested before they hit the market. Far from wanting a customer to simply take its word for it when it comes to such things, it boasts a thorough carbon audit for each product that proves its status of being 94% recyclable and industry tested. Indeed, aimed specifically at the commercial maritime industry – a sector responsible for a whopping 6% of the globe’s total CO2 production – it has positioned itself to serve the market that would benefit the most from greener propulsion systems the reduce emissions and preserve outstanding maritime vehicle function.

Additionally, Ecomar Propulsion provides inboard system consultancy for coastal and inshore vessels. With its range of battery sizes, it can advise customers on
appropriate propulsion product choice, with optional hydrogen systems that include fuel cells, tanks, and pipework, each of which is responsive to survey and duty cycle
imperatives. Ostensibly, yet another display of its dedication to green energy and operation, it has also developed specific products for CTV and offshore windfarms, regularly working alongside naval architects to develop better zero emissions solutions; this has recently grown to include a project with SERCO, as well as the universities of Exeter and Plymouth.

Having received its ISO9001 this year, it looks forward to continuing to expand to include a Danish operation in 2023. From there, it is looking to branch out into India, Scandinavia, Saudi Arabia, and the EU. The ÅRKA range – having made a name for itself with its innovative features, unique design, and modular capabilities – is just one amongst its many technological breakthroughs, and its zero-emission inboard range of 80kW to 1MW has continued to maintain its place in the spotlight in marine propulsion. Indeed, keeping itself paramount in this niche is allowing it to keep developing and growing, adding yet more emission-free propulsion systems as it progresses towards an eco-friendlier future.

Ecomar Propulsion | Best Marine Propulsion Manufacturer
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