Ecomar Propulsion and O.S. Energy Partnership

Posted: 6 June 2023

A partnership of two innovative firms plans to make great strides towards a zero carbon maritime future.

Zero Emission maritime experts, Ecomar Propulsion and specialist offshore service providers, O.S. Energy met at Nor Shipping and agreed to design and build a 46m offshore survey vessel for the windfarm industry, which is completely emission-free.

Ecomar Propulsion are tasked with building the innovative hydrogen hybrid 1 megawatt inboard powertrain incorporating electrolysers and bespoke control systems for the survey vessel. OS Energy will design and build the ship integrating Ecomar Propulsion’s zero emissions system. The ship will use this electric and hydrogen hybrid system with adaptability to also use methanol, ammonia or other alternative fuels with minimal disruption in refit.

There is already a requirement for thousands of similar vessels to service the UK’s windfarms. In Europe, and further afield there is a vast global market.

Eugene Bari, CEO of Ecomar Propulsion said, “The partnership aims to accelerate the shift to clean marine shipping by demonstrating a working zero emission vessel and prove to ship builders, operators and legislators to that emission free shipping has arrived. It’s going to be a game changer for the industry, it is a truly ground-breaking combination joining a whole host of independent innovations into one reliable and robust offshore vessel.”

“The plan is to provide a seamlessly integrated powertrain and control system. Hydrogen storage is incorporated into the vessel with minimal loss of operational deck space and the ability to containerise this solution opens up the possibility of “hot swapping” in future. The entire ship has been designed to meet operational requirements and be futureproof.”

The vessel is expected to have its keel laid in 2024 and enter service by the end of 2025.

Martin Nuernberg, Managing Director of O.S. Energy UK said, “We are working closely with Ecomar Propulsion to integrate innovative drive train solutions that enable us to bring zero emission ship propulsion into operation and offer unique vessels to our clients in the offshore renewable energy sector.”

With both companies closely aligned in their objectives the new vessel demonstrates how quickly decision makers can move towards clean maritime operations. Vessels like this are highly anticipated throughout the globe and with the expertise and innovation on display there are hopes that it will provide a series of new opportunities for rapid transition to a cleaner environment than anyone expects.


About Ecomar Propulsion
Sustainable by Design. Ecomar Propulsion research, develop and produce zero emission marine propulsion systems exclusively for commercial operators.
Ecomar Propulsion produce high performance electric and hydrogen hybrid hydrogen marine propulsion inboard and outboard systems. The team aim to reduce global emissions by creating high efficiency, high output marine engines and energy storage solutions.

About OS Energy
O.S. Energy is a specialised offshore service provider with an extensive track record in the offshore wind industry and on research and survey projects, offering a wide range of services for more than 20 years. The company developed from a single-source company focusing on environmental survey operations to an offshore service provider with a large service portfolio.


Ecomar Propulsion and O.S. Energy Partnership
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