Zero emission marine propulsion systems including hydrogen and battery energy and control systems exclusively for commercial operators. Our products are sustainable by design.

Our zero emission outboards are some of the most efficient and powerful electric green machines on the market.

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Consultancy Service

Making the transition from diesel to clean energy is becoming more urgent by the day.
We can help vessel and fleet owners ensure that their choices will provide long term value and a reliable service.

Our consultancy service looks at the whole vessel from throttle to propeller and provides detailed analysis to suit individual needs. We work alongside naval architects, builders, owners and operators to provide zero emissions solutions. Our team are experts in marine engineering and new technologies, and we can help make the right choices from the start and save time and money.

Our electric and hybrid marine products are:
shield Strong & Robust
shield High Performance
shield Maximum Range
shield Sustainable
Eugene Bari

“Our control system gives the skipper exactly what they need, which is full control of the vessel. Our engineering makes the propulsion as efficient as it possibly can be and that provides certainty. In fact, if you think about range as an example, knowing exactly how much charge you have is far more accurate than a traditional fuel gauge. With our kit you know exactly how much power you have and how far it will take you.
The electronics and computerised controls respond in exactly the same way as people are used to. The motors respond immediately and handling a boat feels just like it would with an old fashioned diesel would but without any pollution or noise.

There are added benefits for fleet managers who can remotely monitor the systems and make sure everything is going as planned. With our remote linkages to Ecomar we also have the added ability to let our customers know if something is likely to go wrong or if someone is abusing the system. It’s like having three sets of eyes in the engine room without any of the cost.”

Eugene Bari
CEO, Ecomar Propulsion

Case Study

This vessels inboard engine conversion would save over 2000 tonnes of fuel and a minimum of 40 tonnes of GHGs per annum.

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